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Review of “The Pashtuns” by Abubakar Siddique for Open Magazine

I just reviewed “The Pashtuns,” an excellent book by the journalist Abubakar Siddique, for Open Magazine, the Indian publication. The review is here, but an unedited version is below. Graveyard of Ignorance Abubakar Siddique’s The Pashtuns provides a perspective … Continue reading

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Why is soccer called football? (And vice versa).

As an American, friends abroad have always challenged me on the name of the game that’s played at FIFA’s World Cup. Even before having debates with British folks about the term “soccer,” though, I’ve always found the word confusing and … Continue reading

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South Asia Institute Grant to study Mumbai’s metro system

I’m a few months behind on updating this blog, but in December 2012, I received a grant from Harvard University’s South Asia Institute to study the development of Mumbai’s mass transit infrastructure, in particular the planning and construction of Metro … Continue reading

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Paper in the World Affairs Journal – India and Pakistan’s Afghan Endgames: What Lies Ahead?

A few months back, the World Affairs Journal commissioned a piece on Afghanistan. The paper discusses New Delhi and Islamabad’s roles in Afghanistan—and the burgeoning cooperation between the two countries. For a long time, Afghanistan was a battle ground in … Continue reading

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Article in the Huffington Post – Do Abrahamic Faiths Have a Monopoly on Truth?

I’ve co-authored a slightly more personal piece in The Huffington Post with one of my best friends, Colin Christopher. It discusses one of the main sources of religious conflict in the world: the idea of exclusivism, and how some religions … Continue reading

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Op-Ed in the Christian Science Monitor – 4 Ways US and Iran can make nuclear talks work

The Christian Science Monitor recently asked me to write a short piece on the recent nuclear talks with Iran. From America’s perspective, these talks have been about the nuclear program. But from Iran’s point of view, there can be no … Continue reading

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Quoted in the Globe and Mail – U.S. pressures India to alienate strategic partner Iran

I recently did a phone interview with Stephanie Nolen, the South Asia Bureau Chief of Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. We talked about the US-India-Iran dynamic and how it fits into some of New Delhi’s broader strategic concerns in the … Continue reading

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