Paper in the World Affairs Journal – India and Pakistan’s Afghan Endgames: What Lies Ahead?

A few months back, the World Affairs Journal commissioned a piece on Afghanistan. The paper discusses New Delhi and Islamabad’s roles in Afghanistan—and the burgeoning cooperation between the two countries.

For a long time, Afghanistan was a battle ground in which India and Pakistan tussled. But more recently, as the two countries are increasingly focused on new horizons—particularly India, which is looking beyond South Asia for its strategic needs—Afghanistan appears to be less zero-sum than it once was; India and Pakistan are starting to cooperate over trade and stabilization of the region. More than mere political posturing, we’re seeing structural change in that direction. In fact, we may be seeing the beginning of an India-Pakistan detente.

Please see the entire paper at

I eschew any responsibility for the less-than-creative title.

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